7 Ways for New Publishers to Increase Revenue with Organic Traffic

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7 Ways for New Publishers to Increase Revenue with Organic Traffic
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What strategies do you use to attract more visitors to your e-commerce? This concern must be constant for managers and entrepreneurs. Imagine a physical store with no consumers inside. How would she do the sales? It is similar in the online environment. Increasing your company’s organic traffic should be a constant concern!

So in today’s post, we are going to give you 7 important tips so that you can bring more potential customers to your website and blog. The ways to attract more visitors organically – not paying – are diverse. Check out!

1. Create and Share Relevant Content

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You must have at least heard of Inbound Marketing. This transformation of the market meant that the entire focus of companies left their products and became the customer and their needs.

The heart of Inbound is the generation of relevant content for the target audience. With materials rich in information, people are able to study their problems and set out in search of the best solutions, without an insistent salesperson forcing their way.

When a brand creates a blog, for example, and starts offering relevant content, the public is attracted and starts to interact with the brand in a more solid way. You will be investing in the qualification of your contacts, making them more apt for the purchase decision.

All this effort will result in more organic traffic on your website and blog, making more sales opportunities appear, in addition to making your company a reference, won with authority.

2. Use Social Networks

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Once the content has been created, you will need to publicize it. The social networks are excellent tools for this task.

Go to a brand’s Facebook page, for example, and see how many people follow their posts. The range of strategies on these platforms is very large and this can be done without financial investment, with commitment and planning.

Each social network behaves in a different way. Facebook is great for posting content, in texts, images or videos. Instagram has a strong visual appeal, with images or short videos. Twitter already follows another line, that of objective communication.

Therefore, the first step in using networks efficiently is to know them, to know their characteristics and limitations. Thus, you can adapt your content according to the communication medium you want to use and gradually increase organic traffic consistently.

3. Maintain a Good Frequency of Posts

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In order to, in fact, increase the organic traffic of your site by publishing content on social networks, you must know that these platforms have a fierce dynamic. An image posted today on Instagram can be considered old in 2 days.

So, create an editorial calendar. Plan the creation and availability of your content so that the public receives the material constantly.

The secret is to understand the dynamics of each communication medium and find balance, without being too absent, but not being boring to the point of distancing your contacts.

4. Vary Media Types

Another tip to increase your company’s organic traffic is to vary the type of content. An image, a text, video, infographic. The possibilities are diverse.

It is very interesting that you vary the creation of your content, exploring each type of media.

According to the subject of your material, a video can be more interesting than a text, or vice versa.

By creating and disseminating this variation, you can identify what most engages your audience, focusing on what really generates results.

Another interesting point is the size of the content. Evaluate what most attracts your audience, whether it is a short, medium, or long text.

5. Apply SEO Techniques

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In this article, we are talking about efficient ways to increase organic traffic to your website or blog. And, if you really want to achieve that goal, you need to understand and apply the techniques of SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

This set of techniques aim to position your pages among the first places in the organic search results.

According to a study by Techventures, Google’s first page of responses accounts for 91.5% of clicks. So, if your domains are not positioned among those first places, you are missing out on great opportunities.

Let’s look at other data from the same survey: the first position on the page receives 32.5% of visitors, while the second-place concentrates approximately 18% and the third 11.4%. These data show that it is essential to be on the first page, but that, in addition, you must occupy the top positions!

So, SEO techniques aim to improve the findability of your website by Google search engines and other platforms. These techniques range from the correct use of keywords, optimization of images, and use of link building, to the usability of the domain itself and the presence of the public.

It is important to emphasize that applying SEO should be a constant job, with results in the medium and long term. Therefore, do not abandon this strategy if the results do not appear quickly. Keep optimizing and you will be surprised!

6. Use E-mail Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the oldest techniques, but one of the most effective. By sending the right content to the right people, you are able to attract and increase organic site traffic.

The first step in this is to create a good contact list. But, be careful, create this list in a segmented way. When groups are defined with similar characteristics, you have the possibility to be more accurate in emails.

After all, it makes no sense to send top-of-the-funnel content, from the knowledge phase to a lead who is making their purchase decision.

7. Track and Analyze Indicators

Our last tip to increase organic traffic to your site is not only for this strategy but for all. Make it a habit to monitor your main indicators, those that influence your goal.

If you do not monitor the performance of stocks, it is impossible to assess how your stocks are generating returns and how to optimize your resources.

When defining the objective, assess what is interfering with. For example, if you want to increase sales on your e-commerce, the number of visitors to the website has a direct relationship with the result. So, it is a good indicator to control.

In today’s post, we saw that there are different ways to increase organic traffic to your website or blog and that this goal should always be worked on. After all, by increasing the number of visitors, the likelihood of selling more also grows.

To do this, create and share relevant content, use social networks, maintain a good frequency of posts, and vary the types of media. Always apply SEO techniques, use email marketing, and define and control your business indicators.

By following these tips, you will reach a larger audience and the result will be seen in the profitability of your business.

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